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Stellar article on the need for entrepreneurship and innovation in our military

The Atlantic recently posted a very good review of the systemic reasons why our armed services are losing many of their best officers. This article nicely summarizes the advantages culturally present in the military while contrasting the enormous bureaucratic challenges faced due to inflexible personal and staffing mechanisms.

Several solutions are provided based upon recommendations and surveys from veterans and active service members.

Key Points

  • The impact of fostering a culture of innovative thinking while also developing entrepreneurial leaders is dramatically curtailed without also using a decentralized staffing ecosystem which values merit, ignores seniority and facilitates mobility, agility and personal choice.
  • The military system is familiar and capable of radical change. The reformation in the armed services when they moved to an all volunteer force dramatically increased the quality and experiences of those serving in the armed forces. After the change to an all volunteer force “the military filled its requirements for labor with the right price: better pay, better housing, better treatment, and ultimately a better career opportunity than it had ever offered”.
  • The top suggestions for improvements included: breaking down the rigid promotion ladder (most service members can accurately predict their next promotion to the day), allow for specialization and letting people stay in the same career for as long as they want (all I want to do is fly airplanes), adopt an internal job market where commanders are solely responsible for hiring and acquiring talent.
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