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Qualities and Practices

I have been thinking a lot about the Qualities and Practices I work to inculcate into my teams.  I think I have boiled them down to the following:

  • Trust & Cohesion – Concord and trust amongst our team underlie everything.
  • Agility – The ability to rapidly and easily re-orient our people, ideas and technology to adapt and shape our environment.
  • Initiative –  The tendency to start an action, including coming up with a recommendation and giving or helping without first being requested to do so.
  • Effectiveness & Efficacy  – We can quickly and efficiently realize the correct aim and focus in times of ambiguity, confusion and rapid change.
  • Focus & Direction –  All other activities of the group must support it and the people conducting these activities must understand what the main effort is know that they must support it.
  • Management Intent –  A concise, unambiguous statement of an assignments purpose and the desired end state. It may also include an assessment of the acceptable work effort and risk.
  • Leadership & Culture – Assignments via task description and management intent in order to enable responsibility, accountability, initiative and trust. We focus on improving our culture, disseminating our ideals and best practices.
  • Harmony & Communication – We work together, we ensure that we stay aligned by constantly communicating with each other, we collaborate and constantly seek to improve our means and methods.
  • Amazing Projects –  We only work on projects which are amazing, therefore we make all assignments amazing.
  • Responsibility & Accountability – We empower each person to be both responsible and accountable for the success of their projects and assignments. We hold them accountable by describing unambiguous outcomes via management intent and concise assignments.

The above is a work in progress, however I am generally happy with the compactness and spirit of the language. I generally think any policy worth having has to fit on a 3 by 5 card.

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